Nashville is a Hot Real Estate Market

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Nashville’s Current Economy Real estate prices have been rising due to demand pressures of new arrivals in the city; not many new homes are being built in some sectors of the market so buyers have to compete for existing homes thus buffing up prices. As the prices of homes rise, the cost of living is sneaking upward too! It now  takes a …

High Demand for Housing in Nashville

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Housing prices are climbing as inventory diminishes. Over the last few years the influx of new people has increased the demand for housing inNashville. Traffic has increased and now housing prices. These days, the norm is this: a desirable listing goes on the market in the morning and viola by evening, there are multiple offers and disappointed buyers. Here is what’s happening. …

By: Mark Moz

Millennial Homebuyers

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Millennials and Homeownership Studies show that 73% of millennial are unaware of the various programs available to help first time homebuyers get into homes of their own. They still dream home ownership but higher credit standards, student debt, increasing rents, etc., stand in the way of achieving their dreams. Ways to get a mortgage Although there is a shortage of inventory …

By: Vishay Intertechnology

Technology at Home: Is your Home a Smart Home?

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What’s a smart home? Smart homes are homes with appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, security systems that feature new technology. You can  program these systems to communicate with each other. Best of all, you can control them remotely. Yes, you can control  your washer and dryer from your home. I am not sure how you get the clothes from the washer to the dryer. You may …

By: Simon Matzinger

Selling a House in Fall & Winter months

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To list or not?   The question I am often asked if it is a good idea to list a house  during  fall  and winter months. My answer: the people who are selling in those months need to sell; and the people who are looking are people who have some urgency to buy. So although supply is lower there is still …

By: Luftphilia

Student Debt and Home Buying Plans: You have options

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Benefits of Homeownership A 2013 Federal Reserve Study shows homeowners’s net worth is 31 times that of renters. That gap is expected to widen in 2016 to 45 times that of renters. Accumulation of wealth is the biggest benefit of home ownership. However, there are other perks: Freedom to make changes – You can paint and decorate the way you see fit. You …

By: Alexandr Trubetskoy

Nashville Traffic: Change is Coming – Add Your Voice

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Changes & Traffic Effects: The release of 300,000 plus square feet of office space in Cool Springs and in Brentwood is good news. Organizations  seeking space in Cool Springs and in Brentwood have more opportunities. The move centralizes operations for HCA. The effect of the move is yet to be determined. One thing is sure. There will be more cars downtown. Over the …