High Demand for Housing in Nashville

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Housing prices are climbing as inventory diminishes. Over the last few years the influx of new people has increased the demand for housing inNashville. Traffic has increased and now housing prices.

These days, the norm is this: a desirable listing goes on the market in the morning and viola by evening, there are multiple offers and disappointed buyers. Here is what’s happening.

Buyers have to be prepared to pay more for the house they like  and they must be able to pay for everything as the sellers are picking the offers that give them the highest net so they avoid helping with title costs, or closing costs.

Buyers, be ready to pay more than the asking price for the house you really like. Last year, I helped a client place an offer for a house that listed for $180,000. My client lost the bid due to a bidding war. I found the mls report for the house in my car a few days ago and I decided to check because surely it was now closed. Well it sold for 200,000!!

Sellers,  leave no stone unturned in preparing your  home for the market. The better the presentation, the sooner it will be snatched up.



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