Nashville is a Hot Real Estate Market

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Nashville’s Current Economy

Real estate prices have been rising due to demand pressures of new arrivals in the city; not many new homes are being built in some sectors of the market so buyers have to compete for existing homes thus buffing up prices.

As the prices of homes rise, the cost of living is sneaking upward too!

It now  takes a salary of $70, 150 to live in Nashville these days and the median house price is now $340,000 – up 30 % from April of 2015.

Education, entertainment, healthcare and leisure are growing sectors that are providing jobs.

Investors are coming; they are buying real estate to provide housing and  income for their shareholders.

People are coming and that is good for our economy.

We can only hope that this trend continues to improve the economy of Nashville as well as the well being of all its citizens..

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