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Selling a House in Fall & Winter months

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To list or not?


The question

I am often asked if it is a good idea to list a house  during  fall  and winter months.

My answer: the people who are selling in those months need to sell; and the people who are looking are people who have some urgency to buy.

So although supply is lower there is still credible demand.

Pros & Cons

There is something else. Studies show that sellers get more of the asking price and sometimes they get more than the asking price because of lower inventory.

Serious buyers don’t stop looking after the peak months.  For example:

  1.  Nashville has had low inventory at most price points  so there are buyers who are still looking as result of  multiple offer situations that did not work in  their favor. They want to direct their rent

    payment to a house they can call their own.

  2. Corporate relocations are not seasonal so there may be buyers out there looking to replace their home with a new one in your area

Mortgage companies  can  approve loans more quickly.

Home inspectors and appraisers and surveyors have less volume so you can get inspections and reports more quickly.

If you need to sell your house during these months – list – but keep in mind that the holidays pose challenges.

13 things to know about selling in fall and winter months. Challenges that can be overcome with planning and foresight .

Most importantly, resist the temptation to deny showings because it may be inconvenient. Buyers will go look at another house instead. You want to maximize your exposure.  Review the Dos & Dont’s of selling in the fall and winter months and go for it!.

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