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Technology at Home: Is your Home a Smart Home?

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What’s a smart home?

Smart homes are homes with appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, security systems that feature new technology. You can  program these systems to communicate with each other. Best of all, you can control them remotely. Yes, you can control  your washer and dryer from your home. I am not sure how you get the clothes from the washer to the dryer. You may need the robot. Clearly, there are limitations.


The definition of a smart home varies. Until there are established standards, there are things you can do to  avoid confusion when you are selling your  home. One of them is to specify the smart features available in your home.  That way buyers know what they are getting. If you are wondering how to make your home a smart one check out Cnet and


Are you wondering about the security surrounding these smart systems? The network you use at home must be a protected  network. You can find some options with a little research.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies now offer discounts to those who install features like security systems and smoke detectors in their homes.

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